21. 10. 2017

Kobe Steel Scandal Deepens

For decades now Japanese made goods have been known for their quality, integrity, reliability and workmanship. The Made in Japan brand has been among the most trusted in the world. However, their reputation...

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12. 10. 2017

Catalonia Ponders Independence

News of Catalonia’s potential departure from Spain has spread like wildfire. Various news outlets throughout the world have reported the fascinating developments in Spain and in Catalonia. Murmurs and grumblings of Catalonia breaking...

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05. 10. 2017

Monarch Airlines Collapses

British charter airline Monarch Airlines ceased operations Monday, October 2nd. This decision caused shock and anger in thousands of passengers and all its future flights and holidays have been canceled. Even its chief...

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25. 09. 2017

Toys R Us in Need of Inspiration

American retail toy store Toys R Us shocked the world when it announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It came as a surprise as the Wayne, New Jersey retailer expects...

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16. 09. 2017

Brexit to Aid US Tech Firms in Europe

The European Union Competition Commission has been harsh on its monopoly rulings. The likes of Google and Intel have tasted their wrath in different scenarios. Just last year, Apple was famously asked to...

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06. 09. 2017

New Generation of Investors Test Football’s Financial Protections

European footballing body UEFA recently announced that it was opening an investigation into the extravagant summer spending habits of French club Paris Saint Germain. The Ligue 1 club were responsible for the world’s...

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31. 08. 2017

Lee Jae-yong Sentenced to Prison

A theme currently repeating though-out the world is the struggle between those who benefit from the old ways of doing things against the changes that are sweeping society. We see it in the...

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29. 08. 2017

New Balance Wins Chinese Trademark Infringement Case

There was great surprise when American sports outfit manufacturer New Balance won a trademark infringement case in China against three local manufacturers found to be infringing New Balance’s “N” logo. New Balance was...

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26. 08. 2017

CIL Duo Exterior Performs

After searching everywhere for an outdoor storage container for the backyard, I decided to make my own out of pressure treated wood. It was difficult to find a container that could hold the...

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21. 08. 2017

China US Trade War Gains Tempo

The United States has long been the dominant economic superpower for most of recent history. They have grown in power and influence since the early 19th century and have produced some of the...

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